Performing Pinpointe Laser Treatment

At Laser Toenail Center:

Laser Certified Doctor- Your only choice for hard to treat toenail fungus.

Best Equipment!- Our equipment is brand new and FDA cleared specifically for toenail fungus. Our lasers are always available on premises every day they aren't moved from office to office.

Modern Office! - This office is clean and modern.

Easy Parking!- We have a large private parking lot for easy parking.

Your Time is important!- This office provides same day laser treatments in order to save you time.

Fungus fighting supplies available!- Our office keeps in stock effective anti-fungal shoe sterilizers and hard to find anti-fungal nail polishes in colors that you will find very helpful with your fungus problem. Our office staff is very friendly and accommodating.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q.

  • Does my insurance pay for this?

  • No. This treatment is considered aesthetic/cosmetic by all insurance carriers. We accept major credit cards, money orders, certified checks, & flexible spending accounts.

  • I have one infected toenail why should I treat it?

  • Toenail fungus is highly contagious and eventually all ten toenails will likely become infected. In addition, anyone who shares a shower or has direct contact with you is highly likely to become infected. As the infection spreads to neighboring toenails it is increasingly difficult to treat the problem. Eventually that single infected toenail will likely turn into ten thickened discolored (green/yellow) toenails.

  • How does the laser work?

  • This patented laser is specially designed to shine through your toenail and destroy the specific pathogens embedded in and under your nail causing the infection. The Foot Laser operates in the very tight spectrum of near infra red light. At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear- it takes time to grow out.

  • Is this laser painful?

  • No anesthesia and no injections are required. There is NO discomfort associated with the gentle laser light beam during or after your treatment for most patients. The laser does not harm healthy tissue or affect your activity in any way.

  • Does it really work?

  • Clinical studies started in 2007 reveal 88% of the treated patients grew out a normal looking nail after one treatment. After the one treatment, the nail plate should grow out normally in 6-12 months if there is a healthy nail bed. This result is better than the success rate for the pill, Lamisil, which you take for three months with some risks and side effects.

  • Is this treatment safe?

  • Yes! In clinical studies there have been NO adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side affects associated with laser treatment. Unlike oral medications on the market today for fungal toenails, there are NO risks to the liver or kidneys. There are no age or health restrictions or limitations.

  • Can the PinPointe Laser Be Used On Children?

  • Yes, This facility routinely treats both children and adults. There is no age requirement. The procedure is painless. What have clinical trials proven? Clinical and medical studies have demonstrated this laser as 88% effective for treatment of toenail fungus.

  • Is there a recovery period?

  • No- the treatment does not harm you in any way. You will be able to put on your shoes and walk out of the office, just as well as you walked in.

  • How long does the treatment take?

  • For optimal results all ten toenails are treated in about 30 minutes.

  • Can I apply polish to the nails immediately after treatment?

  • Yes, You can apply polish to the nails immediately after the treatment. It's important to thoroughly remove all nail polish and nail decorations the day before the treatment .We recommend and stock Deep Cover anti-fungal nail polish available in colors.

  • What does the procedure cost?

  • Each patient is dealt with on an individual basis depending on the severity of your condition. We provide high quality care with affordable pricing. If you have any questions call us at 631-669-4955 and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Why haven't I heard about this before?

  • This is NEW laser technology and has only recently become available to the public since late 2008. Our practice was one of the first of a select few to use this technology.

  • This Office Provides Same-Day Laser Treatments Contact Our Office For Availability.